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            How to Receive Goods Against Purchase Orders?

            Once the order is confirmed, the purchase order is sent by the customer to the vendor. Then a Delivery note is issued by the vendor along with dispatching the required merchandise. The customer creates a GRN for the goods received to add them to the system.

            To create a GRN in Asset Infinity, go to the Help-desk button on the dashboard and select Receive Goods from the menu. The list of purchase orders will open up:
            List Purchase Orders

            The users can filter Purchase Orders based on Created date, PO Status (Pending/Partially Received). Select a purchase order from the grid and click on the
            Create Receive Goods button. A form will open:
            GRN Form
            1. The PO# is set and default. Enter the Receive Goods #  number or leave blank for an auto-generated GRN number > Select the Receive By (all the users will bind in the drop-down list) username from the drop-down > Pick a Receive date> Enter the Invoice Number (it cannot be auto-generated) and Select Invoice Date > Add comments in the  Remarks and upload files (if needed).
            2. Receivables are those items/goods that have to be included in the PO but not added into the system.
            3. Click on the Next/Save button:
              1. The Next button will appear only if the materials in the PO implies receivable. Once the user clicks on the Next button, an inbuilt spreadsheet will open, click on the Save button to close the process.
            GRN for PO with Receivables
            Inbuilt Spreadsheet to add receivables
                        b. If the required materials/goods are non-receivable then only the save button will bind on the page.
            GRN for PO without Receivable
                  4. In the grid below, the goods receipt note created will be reflected:

            1. Receive Goods# 

            Goods received number generated for received commodity.

             2. PO Number

            PO number against which the GRN is raised.

             3. Received By

            Name of the user (goods received by)

             4. Received Date

            GRN created date

            Users can print the GRN by picking the GRN from the list and clicking on the Print button.
            GRN - List

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