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            Item Re-Order level

            The level of inventory which triggers an action to replenish that particular inventory stock. The item re-order level helps you in Inventory control.
            1. Set quantity for each item.
            2. When the item reaches it’s reorder point the concerned user will be notified.
            3. It also helps in monitoring if the issued stock is more than the available.
            4. User can filter multiple items for number of locations and update there re-order level.
            5. User can view Re-Order level of inventory stock, go to home screen, on the tracker click on the Inventory button and select Item Re-Order Level:

            As the user clicks on the Item Re-Order Level, the list of items with Quantity are present in the grid as shown in the screen given below. 

            Fill the form given above the list to obtain the re-order level of required items.

            1. Item - Created Item will be displayed. 
            2. Location - Select a location from the list.
            3. Download Files - Download the file by clicking on Download button. 
            4. Upload Files - User can upload the file by clicking on choose file    button. The modified file has to be uploaded to update the item quantity.  
            The updated levels of Item quantity will be displayed in the grid:

            1. Item - Created Item will be displayed in grid. 
            2. Asset Location - Item location will be displayed in grid. 
            3. Unit Name - Unit will be displayed in grid if user selects Unit for that Item. 
            4. Quantity - Quantity will be displayed if quantity is entered for that Item. 


            Updated: 28 Jun 2019 10:26 PM
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