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            To create location for asset/inventory/user. User requires to select “Location” in application settings. User can create both parent and child locations. Locations created previously will only be available in the parent location drop-down.

            Screen 1 - Locations (in application settings)
            The page given below will open up:

            Screen 2 - Locations 

            1. Parent Location Name – The locations created earlier are displayed in the drop down. You can add other locations under a single location in Parent > Child format
            2. Location Enter the new location name.
            3. Location Code - Enter location code, Location code can be auto-generated if left blank. It should be unique. It’s a non-mandatory field. User requires to mark the checkbox if the location is used as inventory. 
            4. Primary Location Head Assign a user as the location head, workflow approvals will be validated by the assigned user.
            5. Alternative Location Head Alternate location head can be assigned and process will be same as for primary location head. 
            6. User can create custom fields for this page. Locations added can be edited, viewed and deleted from location grid. It can be exported to excel. 
            7. User can also select manage grid section, to specify the fields to be displayed on the grid. 
            8. The locations added will be reflected at different pages where location is required.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2019 06:43 PM
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