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            Manage Inventory

            The manage inventory button is used to manage inventory stock items for inventory. The inventory added, drawn and moved will be displayed and updated in the grid on the manage inventory page. The page has three buttons:

            1. Add Inventory
            2. Move Inventory
            3. Draw Inventory


            Filter items from the grid using Location, Category and Assets. 


             The grid displays the following details: 

            1. Item - All - Items will be displayed. 
            2. Available Stock - Total Available stock on Item is displayed in grid. 
            3. Unit - Unit will be displayed in grid if the user has selected unit while creating that item. 
            4. Asset Name - Asset Name will be displayed in grid if user selects the Asset while creating that Item. 
            5. Asset Category - Category will be displayed in grid if user selects the category while creating that Item. 



            Updated: 28 Jun 2019 09:33 PM
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