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            Add/Modify Users

            The page is used to add/modify user, go to Menu; under User settings accordion select "Manage User".

            1. User can upload the data one by one from the manage user interface.
            2. Also user can upload bulk data from the user inbuilt spreadsheet.
            3. Fields on add/modify users form and inbuilt spreadsheet will be the same.
            Fill the form fields as described below:

            1. Full Name - Enter the name of the user.
            2. Email - It is not a mandatory field but should not same email id.
            3. Contact Number – Enter the contact number of the user. The user can receive SMS notification on the same.
            4. Role – Select an appropriate role for the user. All the roles created will be displayed in the drop down list.
            5. Department - User can choose any department from dropdown list, add department through applications settings.
            6. Reporting Manager - User can choose any reporting manager from the dropdown list. This helps is applying workflow on users.
            7. Default Language - English
            8. Approver -User can approve requests, is a part of a workflow. They will recieve request approvals in pending npproval and will be notified. 
            9. Primary Location – Select a location from the drop down list. Location can be added through application settings.
            10. Track User Location – To track user’s location, they will have to use the mobile app.
            The users added will be displayed in the list on the same page:

            1. Full Name - User name
            2. Approver - Yes/ No, user can aprrove workflows.
            3. Email – User’s email id
            4. Role - User role under which user is added.
            5. Department - Assigned department
            6. Contact Number –User’s contact number
            7. Track User Location - Yes/ No
            8. Language - English
            9. Reporting Manager - Allotted reporting manager

            Updated: 15 Nov 2019 01:10 PM
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