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            Raise Ticket

            To raise tickets, go to the application dashboard and click on the Raise Ticket button or click on the helpdesk button, select manage tickets from the drop down and click on the new ticket button on the Manage ticket page.

            The following pop-up will open, the user can either select an Assert form the Asset register and then raise ticket on that Asset or they can simply raise ticket without an asset.


            1. Asset - Complete list of assets uploaded will be displayed for admin. For user login only assets assigned to user will be displayed.
            2. Ticket Type - It is created by admin, admin/user can select from single select drop down options.
            3. User Group - It is created by admin, admin/user can select from single select drop down options.
            4. Reported By – Reported by is the user/admin responsible for closure of raised tickets. Admin can select any user from the drop down list. In case of user login, user is automatically displayed in “Reported By” field.
            5. Reported Date & Time – Select date and time. Calendar and time pop-up is displayed to choose.
            6. Upload Files - Any PDF/jpeg/docs file can be uploaded for ticket reference.
            7. Assignee - Assignee can be selected or left blank. Assignee displays the list of user tagged in chosen “Ticket Group”. User/admin can select from single select drop down.
            8. Priority - List of priority created by the admin will be displayed. Admin/user should select from single select drop down options. Ex. high priority, low priority etc.
            9. Description -Text field to enter details of ticket being raised.
            10. cc - Email of tickets being raised can be sent to different email addresses.
            Click on the save button, the ticket will be added in the grid on manage tickets(helpdesk).

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 10:11 PM
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