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            Request Type

            This page is used to categorise the requisition or requests as Items request, asset request or both. To create a Request Type, go to Application Settings and click on the Request Type page. The form given below will open:

            User can create request type by checking in check boxes of item or asset or catalog or through free asset text or their combination with or without selecting categories.

            Default assignee is mandatory field and when purchase requisition will create on this request type, then this default assignee can allocate assets and items. If user select default location and default location assignee , in that case  when purchase requisition will be created on this request type and on selected location, then this default assignee and location assignee both can allocate assets and items.

            1. Request Type* (Text Field) - User requires to enter the name of request type.

            2. Type – User requires selecting from the following. User can select multiple options. Options marked will only be available to generate PR request for this request type. (User can select multiple categories for each “Type”)

            o    Item 

            o    Asset 

            o    Catalog 

            O    Free Text for Asset - This allows user to enter a new asset name while generating PR. 

            3. Request Type CC – Multi select drop-down option to select users. Email will be sent to all when a new PR is generated. 

            4. Assignee Detail:

            Default Assignee* - Single user can be selected from drop-down. 

            Specific Location Assignee (Multiple assignee based on Location and Request Type)

            5. Asset Location - Multi select in Tree view. The user can select `

            6. Assignee - Name of Assignee.

            Filter the request type to view using the universal search field. The request type created will be displayed in the grid:

            All the request type created will bind together in the grid. Following fields are displayed in the grid. 
            Request Type
            Request Type CC

            User can select from the following options:
            Edit – User can select a request type and edit them
            View – User can view complete information for the selected request type
            Delete – User can select and delete “Request Type”

            Updated: 26 Jun 2019 03:41 PM
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