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            How to Update Specific Information for Multiple Assets?

            Updating asset details for multiple assets can be done easily in Asset Infinity. To edit specific information for multiple assets at once, select multiple assets that are required to be updated from the asset grid and click on the "Update" button present on the dashboard. Refer to the below screen.  

            Screen-1 Update Asset (Button)

            Screen 2 - Asset data spreadsheet

            On header of update Page, three different filters are present :
            1. Asset : When you select this filter, all fields of asset form will be displayed with uploaded data. You need to update data as required and click on save. 
            2. Linked Asset : Linked assets are sub-assets of an asset, to update linked assets for multiple assets click on the linked asset button. Further, update parent and child assets. 
            3. Specific Update User can select specific fields to be updated from the drop-down, the spreadsheet will display the selected fields as shown below (Refer to Screen 3).

            Screen 3 - Specific Update

            Updated: 17 Dec 2019 02:57 PM
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