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            Status denotes the allotment of an Asset, there are three types of status
            1. Allotted - The assets that are allotted to a particular user and are in use.
            2. Unallotted - The assets that are not allotted to any user and are in stock.
            3. Discarded - This status is only used when an asset is discarded or will not be used anymore.
            To add status, go to Application Settings and click on "Status". The screen given below will open: 

            Screen 1 - Status (in application settings)

            Screen 2 - Status

            1. Status Type – Single select drop down. There are three types of default status type present within the application as Allotted, Unallotted and Discarded Assets. 
            2. Status - Define the state of an asset i.e. it allotted to a user or not.
            3. Next Status - Single select drop down field is given. The user can also select the next status when asset is transferred. When an asset is transferred or updated, the status selected will appear in the status drop down. All the Status created will bind together in the grid. Following fields are displayed in the grid. 
              1. Status Type
              2. Status
              3. Next Status

            User can select from the following options:

            1. Create 
            2. Edit – User can select a Status type and edit them
            3. View – User can view complete information for the selected Status type
            4. Delete – User can select and delete Status Type

            Updated: 19 Jul 2019 08:13 PM
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