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            Tax Settings

            To create "Tax" and "Tax Groups", go to the "Application Settings" and select "Tax settings",  the form given below will open:

            Screen 1 - Tax Settings (in application settings)

            The user is required to first, create a tax group from create button in tax group grid. Then add tax, from create button in taxes grid, users can add multiple taxes in a single tax group.

            Screen 2 - Add Tax 
            Adding Taxes:
            1. Tax name - Enter a Tax name
            2. Tax Rate (%) - Add tax rate applicable in % 
            3. Tax Group - To add tax group in a tax. In drop-down all the created tax groups will be displayed. 
            To add Tax Groups:
            1. Tax Group - Enter the name of the Tax Group in the pop-up  and click on the Save button.
            2. The Tax Group created will appear in the drop down list while adding taxes:

            Screen 3 - Add Tax Group

            The tax and tax groups created will be displayed in the same grid. User can edit and delete taxes and tax group:

            Screen 4 - List of Tax groups and Taxes

            Updated: 19 Jul 2019 09:18 PM
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