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            Ticket Group

            Ticket Group is created so that tickets are streamlined and specific users are tagged into the group all at once. Ex. Application group, hardware group, network group, IT managers, etc.To create a User group, go to Application Settings and select Ticket Group:

            Fill the form fields to create a ticket group: 

            1. Group Name - Enter a name for the user group. The user group should be unique and is a mandatory field.
            2. Group Users - To add users, select users from the multi select drop down.
            3. User Group Head - Assign a group head for the user group from the selected users. It is not a mandatory field.
            4. User Group Type - Select user group type from multi select drop down (Ticket, Activity or Both)
            5. Asset Category - Map categories with the user group
            6. Description - Add description about the user group
            7. Ticket Type - Map ticket type with the user group from the tree view drop down.
            8. Additional CC - User can also add users to be notified other than the users included into the user group

            Default values for Ticket generated through mails:

            1. Location - Add any other location to be included
            2. Ticket Type - Add any other Ticket Type required
            3. Priority - Add any other Priority to be included

            ·  The Ticket groups created will be added to the grid with following information as given below:

            1. Group Name - The Name of the Group
            2. User Group Head - Group head assigned to the group, if any
            3. Description - Description added
            4. Group users - Name of the users in group
            5. Asset Locations - Name of the Locations mapped with the ticket group
            6. Asset Categories - Name of the Categories mapped with the ticket group.
            7. Ticket Type - Ticket types mapped with the user group
            8. Forwarding mail - Forwarding email is an auto-generated user group on which a ticket can raised and updated on email.
            9. User Group Type - Activity/Ticket/Both
            10. Additional CC - Users notified, for activity/ticket reminders, not present within the group.

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 06:47 PM
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