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            Ticket Type

            A Ticket Type is created by the user as per their organisation requirements. Ex. IT ticket types are issues specifically to application, hardware, network, others, etc.

            ·         To create a ticket type, go to application setting and click on Ticket type in the menu:

            ·         The page given below opens, with given form fields, fill the form to create a Ticket type:

            1. Parent Ticket Type: It a broad heading under which the user can add individual ticket types. Select a ticket type from drop down to categorise the ticket types.
            2. Ticket Type: Enter the name of the Ticket Type according to the issue. It is a mandatory field and should be unique.
            3. Category: Select the category of the assets to map with the ticket type. The user can add new category from Application Settings
            4. Activity Type: Select an Activity Type to map it with the ticket type. The user can map either a paid or non-paid activity type (default activity types). The user can also choose to close the Activity type mapped with the ticket type. A new Activity Type can be added from Application Settings.

            The Ticket type created will be displayed in the grid below the form:

            1. Ticket Type: Name of the ticket type
            2. Parent Ticket Type: Name of the parent type the ticket type is linked to.
            3. Category: Name of the Category mapped with the ticket type.
            4. Activity Type: Name of the Activity Type mapped with the ticket type.
            5. Close activity when ticket is closed: The user can opt to close the activity once ticket is closed.
            The user can edit, view and delete ticket type present in the grid. Only those ticket types can be deleted that are not in use.

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 07:33 PM
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