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            The page is used add/modify user. Go to Menu; under the Import Data accordion select Users.

            1. The fields on "Manage users" form and inbuilt spreadsheet fields are same. 
            2. Fill the form fields as described below:

            1. Full Name - Enter the name of the user.
            2. Email - It is not a mandatory field but should not same email id.
            3. Contact Number – Enter the contact number of the user. The user can receive SMS notification on the same.
            4. Role – Select an appropriate role for the user. All the roles created will be displayed in the drop down list.
            5. Department - User can choose any department from dropdown list, add department through applications settings.
            6. Reporting Manager - User can choose any reporting manager from the dropdown list. This helps is applying workflow on users.
            7. Default Language - English
            8. Approver -User can approve requests, is a part of a workflow. They will recieve request approvals in pending npproval and will be notified. 
            9. Primary Location – Select a location from the drop down list. Location can be added through application settings.
            10. Track User Location – To track user’s location, they will have to use the mobile app.
            Click on the "save" button, user will be displayed in the grid on "manage users" page.

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 02:48 AM
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