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            How can you add Vendor / Customer

            To  add Vendor/Customer go to the Application Settings in the side menu and click on the Vendor/Customer.

            Screen 1- Vendor/Customer (in application settings)
            User can create a new vendor on this page, user requires to enter the details in the fields. Vendor list is displayed with all vendors created in asset infinity application.Vendor/Customer form will open:

            Screen 2- Vendor/Customer (Form)

            1. Vendor Name – Enter the name of the Vendor.
            2. Registration Code – Enter Vendor’s registration code or any in the given field.
            3. Contact Person – Enter the name of the contact person for the Vendor.
            4. Contact Number – Enter the contact number of the number.
            5. Email – Add email of the user.
            6. Address 1 - Add the permanent address of the Vendor
            7. Address 2 - Add alternative address of the Vendor
            8. City – Name of the city
            9. State
            10. Remarks/Notes
            11. Customer – The vendor marked as customer will appear in the drop down list on the Add Asset page in case of Partner Asset.
            12. The vendor/customer added will be displayed in the grid. The user can view, edit and delete vendors. User can export the vendor list to excel.

            Screen 3- Vendor/Customer (Customer/Vendor List)

            What is the difference between "Customer" and "Vendor"? 
            A Vendor is someone who is responsible for the procurement of materials or other objects in an organisation. On the other hand, the customer is someone who is served by a business or individual.  

            Updated: 03 Nov 2019 08:49 PM
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