Scanning RFID tags using Asset Infinity

Scanning RFID tags using Asset Infinity

In continuation to 'Setting up the Chainway C72 for RFID scanning', we will now look at how to scan the RFID tags using the mobile app of Asset Infinity.

Once you login to the app, on the home screen click on the lens icon.
Please refer to the following image:

After you click on the lens icon, the next screen will allow you to scan the nearby RFID tags. In this case we had only 4 of the RFID tags out of which only one RFID tag was linked to an asset in the application.

In case if you are encoding the RFID tags with Hex numbers (alphanumeric) then you can check the 'Scanning Hex Codes' option.

Once the scan is complete, click on Done.
If the scanned RFID matches with any of the records in the app (in this case 1), it will filter it out, select it and display it on the asset list. If the device finds any tag which is not linked to an asset it will show the error as 'Invalid code was scanned'. 

Please refer to the following image:

After that you can do the changes as per your requirement.
Please refer to the following image

This was the use case for Asset List, same process can be performed over Audits.

Click on the Pending Audits tile and it will take you to the list of pending audits.
Select the audit and click on view.

Doing this will display the list of all the assets of that audit.
Please refer to the image below:

On this screen, you can click on the search lens icon again to scan the tags and verify them directly.
If the assets present in the audit are in the range of the RFID scanner, the app will display them as selected and you can then mark them Present or Not Present.

Refer to the following image:

This is how we can utilize RFID scanning in Asset Infinity.

Click here to watch the tutorial on YouTube

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